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True mileage.
True health.
Real insights.

Revolutionize your fleet maintenance and operations with the power of AI and get actionable insights to improve your fleet health today

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EIT Urban Mobility is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union


Driving Value for Buses and Trucks

We work with fleets, dealerships, maintenance service providers, and technology platforms to enable advanced data-driven services and serve the fleets of the future.

Increase efficiency

With automated maintenance planning, clustering and fleet-level optimization, Nemodata balances maintenance and operational needs.

Improve performance

Change from reactive to proactive with Smart Precision Maintenance Plans to ensure your vehicles' health and extend their lifespan.

Drive savings

Catch minor issues before they become major ones and improve your vehicles' health, reducing total cost of ownership throughout the lifecycle.

Increase uptime

By ensuring the right maintenance for the right vehicle at the right time, Nemodata minimizes breakdowns and keeps operations running smoothly.

1. Get vehicle data

Connect to your existing telematics and fleet data in the cloud, with zero additional hardware.

2. Unlock new datapoints

Nemodata's proprietary virtual sensors measure vehicle conditions and system health.

3. Detect risks

Nemodata models train for each individual vehicle to accurately detect risks, long before the first fault code.

4. Calibrate fleet actions

Our models continue to learn from real time vehicle behavior and operational decisions to accurately intervene before breakdowns.

5. Optimize

Seamlessly integrate vehicle health and risk detection into existing workflows to unlock fleet efficiency and limitless uptime.

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The Nemo Way

Nemodata's custom approach helps you in leveraging all your vehicle data and generate customized insights according to your maintenance strategy to optimize fleet health and operations.

Our Clients Say

Nemodata allows us to see things in data that were previously hidden, opening up new opportunities and enabling us to provide cutting-edge service to the fleets we serve.

Daniel Stern, Mobility and Innovation Manager, Kaufmann

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