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Nemodata and Metrica Movil Partner to Revolutionize Fleet Health in Mexico

Nemodata, the leading fleet health platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI), and Métrica Móvil, a prominent Geotab telematics distributor and technology solutions provider, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership. This market proven collaboration brings cutting-edge fleet health solutions to enterprise fleets across Mexico, enabling them to optimize operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall fleet performance.

Nemodata's advanced AI-based platform combines data from various data sources to deliver valuable insights and actionable intelligence to fleet managers. Nemodata enables enhanced preventive maintenance and optimizes maintenance planning, allowing fleets to proactively address potential problems and minimize downtime.

"We are delighted to partner with Nemodata, as this collaboration strengthens our commitment to delivering innovative and value-added solutions to our customers," stated Eduardo Allegre Rodriguez, CEO of Metrica Movil. "Nemodata's AI-based fleet health platform complements our Geotab telematics offerings, providing our customers with a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize their fleet performance and improve their bottom line."

Metrica Movil, renowned for its expertise in fleet digitization and technology solutions, has established itself as a leading distributor of Geotab telematics in Mexico. By partnering with Nemodata, Metrica Movil brings fleets the best of both worlds, combining Nemodata's advanced AI capabilities with Metrica Movil's deep market knowledge and technical expertise.

"We are excited to partner with Metrica Movil to bring our cutting-edge fleet health platform to fleets in Mexico," said Uri Keren, VP Business Development of Nemodata. "Our AI-powered solution, combined with Metrica Movil's expertise and Geotab's telematics data, empowers fleet managers to seamlessly integrate maintenance into daily operations and achieve real impact.”



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